This page contains some technical data relating to recent Scorpa Twenty Trials Racing and Factory models.

Parts books and maintenance manuals can be downloaded from our parts books page.

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Please note that 2017 onward models with diaphragm clutch use 650cc of transmission oil

Clubmen: We recommend a flywheel weight and slow action throttle to smooth power delivery. If you want even smoother power, please contact us!

Commonly asked...

Pre-mix ratio All year models 70:1
Pre-mix oil All year models Putoline TT Trial Pro
Spark plug Racing - all year models NGK BPR5ES
  Factory models until 2016 NGK BPR5ES
  Factory models from 2017 NGK BPR5HS
Spark plug gap All year models 0.8mm
Gearbox oil All year models Putoline Light Gear Oil (75W)
Gearbox oil cap Factory and Racing until 2016 450ml
  Factory and Racing from 2017 650ml
Coolant All year models Putoline Coolant NF


Torque Settings

Part # Description NM Part # Description NM
M295 Crank Nuts 100 M291 Barrel Studs 22
M290 Cylinder Head Studs 10 M271 Cylinder Head Nuts 10
M272 Barrel Nuts 22 M293 Clutch Nut / Thread Lock 60
M296 Front Engine Bolt 40 M266 Rear Engine Bolt 22
M304 Shock - Top Bolt 40 C173 Shock - Bottom Bolt 50
C154 Swing Arm Nut 50 C172 D-Link Bolt 40
C175 Dog Bone Nut 25 C205 Front Spindle Nut 50
C326 Rear Spindle Nut 60      


Bore and Stroke (mm)

The 250 machines have a bore and stroke of 72.76 x 60, the 300s are 78.95 x 60